Quick Summer Holiday Ideas For Families 2019

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This year is going very fast. Before you know it, it will be the Summer holidays and as you know, you should plan ahead for activities and ways to keep kids entertained. It seems as though they can never sit still or listen to Mums nagging. So here are a few ideas that will help to keep the children busy and stimulated as they need to be.

Free Online Games – Lumocity I think this is suitable for over 12’s but you should probably check their website. The spacial awareness and memory games could help to improve memory, focus and sports! After your child has tried Lumocity, you should probably keep the camera out, as they will be striking goals and volleying like a hero!

Home Studio – All kids love the latest music and you could set them up with a lovely home studio for less than you might think. There are some great editing apps on the iPhone or you could just go out and buy a USB mic and buy some beats! Apps like samplers, voice altering and even instruments. The could probably make a full beat just from an iPad. But there are great software packages that are easy to use like Magix Studio. Magic Studio is a free music software application you can use on your laptop or tablet. To download it, simply visit their site to download your FREE copy.

Madame Tussauds – Wax Works. Let the kids run riot (but not too much) take inspirational or fun pictures, with them, then head off to the Planetarium is close by you could make it a 2 in one experience! My daughter took her pic with Alan Titchmarsh one of her favourite celebs at the time, as she was only small. Samuel L Jackson and Michael Jackson I believe. I’m unsure of any new waxworks that have been made since then. I think you can get a Day In London Discount Too!

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Courses For Children – Don’t make the mistake of thinking this is a gimmick or money making idea Normally courses are expertly planned and they have a lot of experience in working with children. So it may help to keep things in check, whilst they are away from school. Courses can include cooking, football, art but there are many more courses you can buy online or search the internet for free days and taster courses.

Holiday Ideas For Families

Day Trips To The Beach Or Overnight Stay – An overnight or long-weekend stay is the best way to enjoy the coast. But better still you can hire a rental home for a week or 2. I’ve been looking at some locations in Wales, the coastline seems so beautiful and clean. But beware there are jellyfish! So enjoy the beach for sunbathing, walking, beachcombing, or whatever else it is that you hope to enjoy. Dog walking is no longer permitted after May 1st but there may be certain beaches still allocated specifically for dog walkers and their dogs. A great one for teenagers is to book a Kyacking trip and paddle around the Welsh coastline and caves!

Family evening on a peir

Family evening on a pier.

European Or Atlantic Holiday? Why Not The Bahamas! – The Caribbean and Bahamas are used to preparing for weather, plus you can get a cool breeze or a bit of humidity in comparison to places like Egypt, which can be scorching hot for children. As well as snorkelling they might enjoy other water sports and waterfalls.

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Family Cruises – If you really feel like splashing out, there are some great family themed cruises.

Don’t Forget To Write!

Pen Pals Or Learn A Second Language – You could view more of what your child does online and also encourage them to use paper and pen. Learning a second language is a great way to start learning. If there is no one to stay in touch with, or no relatives to write to then try getting some foreign language tapes. That will keep them busy for sure!

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