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A few years ago I came across a free course invitation that made such a huge difference to my life. And I decided to go for it and so I booked the online course Online Marketing. Watching videos a couple of times per week and take some notes, I was soon accredited with an Online Marketing Diploma!

It really got the juices flowing, so I started testing out what I’d learnt. Though I should have probably have gone for the higher diploma.

Eventually I did upgrade anyway!

What was the course like?

I had a few questions to ask and I got answers live, which was quite funny. Then at the end of my course, all I needed to do was take a short exam. And I felt like I’d really accomplished something, especially for me as an adult learner and as a single parent. It makes it so much easier than having to get to a specific location. The diplomas are recognised and will help with entry into a new career. It has helped me to learn about domains, blogging, SEO & recently web development.

Free Courses For Mums, Dads And Anyone!

Have you ever wanted to learn something new like you might, for example, want to learn to trade, make apps, build websites or perhaps you just want to know more about health and nutrition or personal beauty?

The courses usually run for 4 weeks and give you a great taster for an advanced diploma, should you decide to upgrade!

What about those with disabilities who might wish to study? It’s ideal for people who are sick, mum’s on maternity leave, people who move around, many people can benefit from these free Courses and training programs.

Anyone who wants to improve their prospects and get a new job, change their career path. This is a convenient way to do that. Plus you can study and start your own business too.

Even if you don’t currently have a good CV, it is still free for you to upgrade your skill set from home and enjoy as many courses as you want.

I upgraded and now I have access to like a zillion courses. I can refresh my skills or retake the courses for anything that I might have missed!

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Foundations of Mobile App Development Course For FREE
Fundamental Investment Programme For FREE

(Links to the free course website).

There are so many more courses at… The Shaw Academy Online



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