Cycling Every Day To Lose Weight

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Do you ever glance in the mirror and think yikes, who’s that!? Age creeps up slowly and then it strikes! Heading towards middle age can be a scary thing. Because we’re still as young as ever inside! So I’ve made a conscious decision to look after myself, my figure and good skin which I’ve taken for granted for far too long.

I’m cycling to lose weight now. During April it was mostly to regain some condition, May I want to lose x amount of weight. Maybe 2 stone! The scales don’t really work for me as I am also quite athletic and muscular, especially when I exercise and train. I’m currently a middle heavyweight (no weight shaming, just saying how I feel about my unusually large body for my height and what weight I’m used to being). I am usually 10-11 stone. And for the second time in my life, I am 13-14 stone plus which for my height and everything is tipping on the obese. When the doctors start giving you a free gym pass or referral, then you know it’s something that needs your attention. Well, I had bowel cancer, which you can lose weight or gain weight. So, It’s been quite a while since I’ve ridden a bike and now I don’t know how I ever survived without one. To me, bike riding is an adventure which can take you anywhere! You can cover a great distance in minutes and get the best views, using bicycle routes. There are bicycle hubs scattered around the country, in our communities and I stopped just the other day to see exactly what they offer, so here’s the breakdown!

Cycling Every Day To Lose Weight 1

Basic Bicycle Hub Details:

#1. They are open 6 days a week.

#2. They sell new and used parts.

#3. The do bike services and give a quote.

#4. Bike Rides/Tours.

#5. Bike Hire.

It has given me the idea to hire a couple of bikes when people visit so I can show them the beautiful countryside that’s so close to my doorstep and go experience it. I’ve been cycling for a month now and yesterday I did around 5 or 6 miles twice (10 miles) which doesn’t seem a lot but I have had an injury and a surgery. So I am really proud of myself.

I think it’s a lovely idea to get off the beaten track and people often forget what is actually out there, outside the sphere of family, work, home and the motor. Beautiful nature is on the doorstep. And there’s no better way to explore it than a good bike ride.

Yesterday I cycled through an area I used to live and loved and brought back some great memories. The previous bike I had bought, I had collected and ended up cycling back alongside a canal and had got back in around 15 minutes. I got friendly directions as I was at the junction of the grand union canal which I believe has 2 canals and one river (the river Gade.). I had to make a few wise decisions and take a shortcut across a field, pass Langleybury and the back of The Grove and get back to Cassiobury Park. What an amazing ride that was! Kings Langley to Cassiobury Park.

I don’t ride at speed anymore, well not as fast as I used to. But I have promised myself to ride my bike every day. So I’m going off now for a bike ride and a wander into the unknown! During the Summer I might take my picnic blanket and my camcorder or camera and just relax and capture a bit of nature.

I have lost quite a lot of weight in just a few days. Similar to a lady I saw lost pounds walking in just a few weeks, we can do it, ladies!

Let’s all get into shape for the Summer! You’re welcome to send in any pics if you are or are thinking about doing the same.