Converse Thunderbolt At M And M Direct UK

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M and M Direct UK - Delivery Arrived Fast - Some Great Buys - Will Shop There Again!

I’m most happy with the Converse Trainers and the handbag. A really smart and tidy, yet casual look. That’s perfect for the Spring and Summer and will go with practically anything. The trainers are black but have a dark grey/charcoal/silver effect that is very subtle. So they will go with lots of clothes. They are firm and semi-supportive at the very least. The bag I got to match is also really cute and can be worn across, on the shoulder or carried, as it’s a multi-wear style. The Reebok underwear looks good and the coat and jumper fit perfectly well. 2 PUMA crop tops, great for casual or for the gym, great support and style, one for me one for my teenage daughter. Delivered in 2 days and minus my returns all of this cost me less than £100!

Converse At M and M Direct UK Review

This week I shopped at M And M Direct UK and if you haven’t heard about them or shopped there yet, let me confirm with you the following; they have amazing sales on top brand names, lots of different fashion styles to suit different tastes and everything for ladies, men and children’s clothing needs.

I needed to update my wardrobe a little… My trainers have a tiny hole in the mesh. So just a replacement of those and some new underwear were the main items I was looking for.

Converse Thunderbolt w Lunalon trainers, Juicy Couture multi black bag, Reebok underwear – Mission accomplished! £60! I saved over £100!

Out of season/rare finds FEMME jumper and coat by Brave Soul! £20

Summer Extras! Black Crop Tops to match…

For my daughter, I bought a PUMA crop top and I got a matching one, it fits great and gives great support. Any teenager will love this! Hot Mums can wear these too!

M and M Direct Returns

Items to return New Balance Strobe Light Gold Trainers – too small for me! The fluid dress in Ruby Wine also came up a little small.

So for M and M Direct, it’s a bit of a mixed bag, but they get my vote! Most of the items are great, but you can order a return label for 1.99 which I did. So I can send back the trainers and the dress -sorted!

For £100, this is all the stuff I got from M and M Direct UK

  • 1 Pair Of Black Trainers _CONVERSE
  • 1 Multi Bowling Bag _JUICY COUTURE
  • 7 Pairs of Thongs & Briefs_REEBOK
  • 1 Claudia Bra _REEBOK
  • 2 Motif Crop Tops _PUMA
  • Women’s Oversized Jumper FEMME _BRAVE SOUL
  • Marlo Contrast Purple Jacket _BRAVE SOUL

You get free delivery when you spend over £80 or you can purchase next day delivery before a certain time. 12 or 2 for example. And you can send back anything within 28 days for a no quibble refund or replacement. Buy a return label if you are unsure (£1.99). You can order less or get a yearly membership for free deliveries and returns.

Converse Thunderbolt with Lunalon

If you’re looking for orthotic shoes, I’m unsure whether they are classed as orthotic but the do have arch support and foam cushioning. Because of the Lunalon inner which is like an inner sock. The shoes themselves are lightweight and suitable for running.

If you tend to go half a size up in shoes/trainers/skates then do that.

They fit perfectly! Were £85 £60 off!!!

Visit M And M Direct UK now! (SALE Now On!)


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