Alternative Health CBD Oil Benefits

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CBD Oil Benefits Overview

CBD oil benefits have been reported since the product has been separated from the plants’ psychoactive ingredients. This means it is now widely considered as safe and legal to smoke or consume CBD oils, which may help to alleviate inflammation. Cannabis is the original form of this new product. And smokers of the product have always said it produces a calming, soothing and pain-free result.

Reported cases and data;

People have claimed that CBD oil helps prevent or slow down epilepsy attacks in children, that it reduces pain and inflammation, that it is relaxing and soothing. That it gives them an overall sense of wellbeing.

Cancer patients have used it during for pain management when another treatment hasn’t worked as expected. It is good for those who suffer from chronic inflammatory diseases and autoimmune diseases. And other such claims.

The Dangers Of Smoking Or Consuming Weed

The biggest downside to smoking cannabis most often reported is paranoia and making connections to things which aren’t connected. And skunk can cause psychosis in predisposed individuals as well. With many different types of weed and resins available, the effects can differ somewhat. You can easily see this when you go to a coffee shop or go to a store in America where it is allowed. The different strains can be very pleasant or can make you feel absent or dreamy or sick. Generally, it makes one feel relaxed and/or sleepy. Some can be positive, others experience a negative. Many types can also give one the munchies or giggles. But the effects on metabolism and possibly thyroid are less explored. Some males can develop thyroid problems, goitre or schizophrenia. And this could possibly be directly due to the concoction of street drugs, including cannabis.

As rumour has it skunk is the most dangerous and is sometimes sprayed with other chemicals without the user knowing. PCP is the most dangerous of those added drugs that give the illusion of a stronger high from the weed itself. PCP is a hallucinogenic drug which can cause total dissociation or violence, to a level which one has zero control over. Other drugs including ketamine (a horse tranquillizer) and other mixes have been known to be sprayed on the plant or buds to increase the effects and make more profits, by people claiming its a great smoke. There are also concerns about pesticide use in outdoor grows. Cannabis is generally thought to make one lazy or acquire a certain attitude. That is how parents know when their teenage son or daughter has smoked it. The attitude is a big giveaway! Or looking stoned. It also smells very strong for hours after. You could be arrested or spiked!

Weed As A Healing Plant

In it’s purest form without added drugs, chemicals or pesticides, it is a natural healing plant, one of the many since the dawn of time. It is possible to have experienced when smoking it ones evolved spiritual growth or the ability to contact other realms. It is a psychoactive drug and should be treated as such. Whatever quantity the person smokes or takes. It is bound to have some lasting effects. Those mixed with unknown quantities of other chemicals deems it unsafe for anyone. The coffee shop type of purchase is thought to be better than buying off the street. Ultimately, picking it and smoking it or eating it in it’s purest form is best.

Amsterdam man smoking weed coffee shop

Amsterdam man smoking weed coffee shop

I am not at all sure it deserves the reputation it gets. It is not as harmful as alcohol or other drugs. The crime incidents are lower in places where it is legalised. And it is generally thought to be a lot safer (and cheaper). But it is a drug and taking any drug can affect you or change the way your mind works for the rest of your life (forever). I don’t think it’s good for young developing brains young children (smoking weed in front of kids). Though weed can be okay for pets who have arthritis for example. It all depends on the situation.

I’m a natural healer and for me, it was more a duty to find out about the effects of smoking weed. I can totally relate to chronic disease suffers, smoking it. But teenagers, please, please don’t smoke it just for the sake of it. In the Rastafarian culture, it is part of the culture and considered a medicinal herb. And it is so with other ancestral or native populations also. But it is a spiritual or meditational practice rather than a recreational one for most. If you have a positive mindset, then I would say it is relatively safe for the average adult to take it.

Cannabis The Legalization Of

The legalization of cannabis weed helps to regulate the safety of the drug for patients who need it to stay well or mobile. This is thought to be going well in certain states in America where it is now prescribed as a medicinal substance, which is great news for those with chronic illnesses and those with epilepsy. Some ADHD suffers may also benefit, But Monsanto will have the monopoly on weed one day soon it is said. It has been legal in Amsterdam for ages and the idea is growing in other countries, and people want legalization everywhere including the UK.

CBD Oil Benefits For Everyone As An Alternative Medicine

CBD oil benefits everyone – users will be able to skip all those unknown factors and get straight to the benefits without the dangers or risks. Less inflammation and pain, moods, fits and more of an overall feeling of vitality and wellness. If you are needing to try a medical alternative I can confidently say that I would agree it will help prevent the build-up of stress and inflammation. I don’t think there are words for the many ways my body feels when using cannabis I feel lighter and I feel like everything’s okay. My fatigue and other health ailments and issues are reduced.

Contraindication Or Unknown Effects Of Cannabis

The only contraindication of any cannabis product/weed is the effect it may have on cancer. Some people say it helps to prevent it, while others say it causes it or makes it worse. The medical community believes that weed adversely affects those who are predisposed or are receiving treatment for cancer. And there are many case studies showing the psychosis or breakdown in young smokers/patients. Particularly those who smoke it regularly, but sometimes it can only take one session to start the onset of mental illness/paranoia or decline. The way it affects cancer relates to the way it grows in pairs of leaves (mutations thus). Smoking nicotine and weed and drinking too much are the main contributors to cancer in young people today.

CBD Oil Summary

I think it’s safe to conclude that CBD oil is highly useful for those suffering from inflammation, pain or concentration issues, stress, fits and even ME. It does help to regulate an overall state of wellness. As mentioned above, those in the early stages of cancer should not smoke weed, but studies have shown that CBD oil can help to reduce the size of tumours. There are no psychoactive ingredients in CBD oil that should be highlighted it is safe to use, infuse, steam, smoke, whichever way it is that you would use it. It can also be mixed with creams and rubbed into sore joints and massaged into the skin.

CBD Oil Where Can I Use It?

Is it safe for children? As mentioned above the benefits (pros) can outweigh any negatives (cons). But please discuss this with your paediatrician or physician or a qualified herbalist. At the end of the day, it is your choice. The benefits are there to be explored. And if all else has failed, then it seems it could mean a resounding yes.

Is it legal to use in hospitals? It is legal to have it on you yes. Is it allowed to vape in a hospital setting, probably not!

Is it safe to use in the street, pub or at home? Probably yes.

Put it in creams? Yes, give it to arthritic pets? Yes.

CBD Oil Where Can I Buy It?

You can buy a PREMIUM high-quality CBD Oil that is guaranteed to be pure safe for the whole family, from the website.

It is derived from Hemp and has ZERO THC,  their products induce absolutely none of the psychoactive effects associated with THC.

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The benefits are far greater when purchased from a reliable quality company such as 1CBD. CBD oil and it’s benefits are now preferred to smoking herbs and it is considered to be safer.

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Affiliate Disclosure

This is a post written by an ex-smoker and yes there are tonnes of benefits to cannabis/CBD. You can use it daily, weekly, fortnightly or even monthly. I gave up smoking around 20 years ago as I was warned that dangerous batches were coming out causing people to have psychosis. I smoked it very occasionally to help my joints since then. But now I am not permitted to smoke it because of having had cancer. In my unique case, I will have to ask before I try it. The reason I got cancer is unclear but there are direct links between nicotine, alcohol and bowel cancer. So for those who are cancer-free who need the benefits of CBD oil without smoking anything, I guess this would be a great choice. If you have cancer you will have to research and decide for yourself. In theory, if the inflammation is reduced then it should be helpful in the very least. I think as a regular smoker I have smoked in Amsterdam as well as the UK I would know enough about the topic to write an article. If you do decide to buy CBD oil I will receive a small commission and that would help me too! 😀 I am also a natural healer/energy healer. I’d be interested in hearing about your symptoms and how CBD oil helps you. Feel free to leave a comment below or contact me directly.