10 Gentle Exercise Tips To Get Back In Shape

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10 Gentle Exercise Tips

  1. Find some videos on isometrics and low impact to begin
  2. Start doing reps and gradually increase them after 4 days
  3. Go outside every day, even if just for 5 minutes, walk if poss
  4. Eat some plain food and drink water and detox tea or herbal
  5. Do some pressure point releases or tapping on the head/feet
  6. Take deeper breaths if possible and hold it a while if you can
  7. Use a body brush (upwards to invigorate or down to relax)
  8. Massage or soak those aching muscles and moisturise fully
  9. Record your daily achievements and progress every 7 days!
  10. Stand on your tip toes if possible bob up & down stretch digits

These are my 10 gentle exercise tips. I am not a doctor nor am I qualified. However, I am a natural healer. And I have a lot of experience and knowledge about ailments and sickness.

Lets me explain in further detail how these exercises can help.

We need to have somebody tone and physical strength, especially we need to strengthen our joints, tendons and ligaments. If you have arthritis or rheumatoid arthritis you are going to find it extremely difficult. Many other health conditions make us think we should take it easy and not be too active (heart problems and strokes/mini strokes). But actually sitting for long periods and not doing anything physical raises the blood pressure. Similar to static electricity that needs to be discharged (our hearts run on electrical impulse too, don’t forget), we have to move around a bit. Even a tiny bit. This is important. We must only do what we are comfortable with or take professional medical advice. Yet we can inquire about light exercise. You might even get a free referral from your doctor to get a gym pass or go to weight watchers or similar.

It only gets worse. People with joint problems or high BP tend to go downhill. I nearly lost the mobility of all my joints, I hired in help for chores so I could eat, take pain meds and go to the outdoor gym. If I hadn’t, I might have ended up in a wheelchair or a scooter. It was in part my own fault for not moving and some of my bone aches was, in fact, I believe cancer-related. But I am glad I fought and shook off this immobility.

From someone who knows, you don’t want to get in an immobile state/leave it too late. And it will take a little effort or traction to start to see changes. Make sure you have support or care or medical supervision.

10 Gentle Exercise Tips To Get Back In Shape 1

Even if you’re young, this can happen to you, joints and bones can also become disfigured over time. You should get a good mattress that suits your back and figure. Some people require medium rather than orthopaedic, or even soft. The luxury mattress I bought was probably the best. You will be better off stretching and training your joints. Not just core muscles. But all your joints, even lunges worked better for my glutes and back, it really fixed a lot of issues (accidentally discovered). If you have a health condition you don’t have to go crazy at exercising, but you still need to exercise in most cases.

10 Gentle Exercise Tips – The Benefits

Joint care, rotating, strengthening and making the joints more supple and less stiff and painful – watch videos on arthritis or rheumatoid arthritis and learn how to care for your joints. That’s priority no1. Fibromyalgia sufferers and the elderly can do the same (with medical supervision r in a group).

Reps -You will start to feel more confident and strong. Your body will be strengthened and toned by these low impact stretches and indoor/outdoor reps. You can get into shape without jumping around!

Now we move on to the next stage, walking or cycling (if poss) outside. Yes as flowers need rain, we need ourselves need plenty of fresh air! DAILY

Giving our digestive system a break and a once over is essential. This should be done at least monthly if not weekly. For one day eat light, drink plenty (unless water retentive/heart issues), detox teas are highly efficient, take the ones with hibiscus or dandelion or burdock, many give your liver a cleanse and tone up. The liver rules the other organs. You need to eat well and get nutrition inside of you. A poorly liver is not good!

Why do pressure point release or freedom tapping? We have many hidden functions within our body. And most of the tension in our bodies build up because of our habits, both physical and emotional. To start turning a new leaf, you will need to ask your body to join you!

Deep breathing exercises, otherwise known as QiGong is really good for getting oxygen to the organs and extremities. Once again, you may wish to *check with your doctor first. But cleaning out the cobwebs and arteries is a great idea. Getting good oxygen and circulation flow aids healing.

Body brushing helps to tone skin, remove toxins, clear the lymphatic system and helps to stimulate or relax.

Soaking your muscles should not be done in HOT water, this causes the muscles to bleed. Instead add some of your favourite scent, herbs or essential oils.  And massage the oils into your skin (best herb for pain is St Johns Wart Oil), watch the aches and pains just melt away!

Don’t tell everyone when you begin a new routine, just keep a record of progress as a reminder. Enjoy the rewards of your new shapely figure!

Lastly, stretching the nerves is highly therapeutic, great for people who don’t move much. You can just stretch your fingers by elongating them and spreading them. bobbing on the toes is part of this exercise if you can.

Bonus Health Tip

Go sit on the grass, sit on the beach or sit on a rock. When we connect with the ground, our energy is restored!